One Weird Mistake Men Make With Women

Geplaatst op 03-03-2023

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Are your interested in finding out the one weird but important mistake that most men make with women?

It ends up killing attraction and ruining almost ALL of your chance (if you had any) with the women your with. It’s a small but important and long held belief that ends up throwing you in the nice guy wussy category rather than the hot sexy one night stand boat.

Still interested in finding out what your doing to screw up dates?

This little trick goes against popular advice so you have been warned…

Are you a guy hat HAS to pay for everything on a date? Do you think that your somehow impressing her with your cash?

Pay attention to this URGENT TIP because it’s aimed directly at you…

My guess is that you feel obliged to pay for dinner and it makes you feel important right?

What I am suggesting is that you STOP right now…

I know that you think that your impressing the socks off her with your big credit card but this somewhat counter -intuitive dating tip is that you are actually DECREASING your chances with women if you pay for everything.

I am not suggesting that you be a stinge and not pay for anything… but you don’t have to insist on paying for everything on a date with women.

The old traditions are gone if not completely extinct… Women like to be respected and like to be able to keep a level playing field early on in the relationship… women don’t like to feel as though they OWE you something later on!

When you pay for dates your portraying the wrong image – weird huh… you think that you would be displaying great value and the “provider”…

Let me explain…

Do you want to be her LOVER or her PROVIDER?

By paying for everything you turn into her provider

In fact the women makes the decision based on your actions whether you fall into one of two categories… of course you CAN move between LOVE and PROVIDER but to do that you have to act differently.

If you are a bit of a W-U-S-S you might be more interested in proving yourself to her by paying for everything…

This is a generalisation but important to take into account.

The problem with “taking women” out for a date and paying for everything is you give away your “power”… do you say

can I take you out?” when asking to date a women…
If so what do you think your conveying to her in the process?

Let’s see what this phrase

Can I Take You Out To Dinner…

Really means.

1 – you kick of the relationship with an expectation that she wont have to pay a dime for your attention and thus does not have to work to get you… eg she has the upper foot and she has the power.

2 – you convey a need to buy her trust respect and love

3 – you end up in a crowded busy and often awkward dinner setting before you even know them

4 – a series of subconscious expectations are set in stone from the outset of your relationship

Be wary that your inner WUSS can leap out from where you have suppressed it and trip you up without you even knowing…

Much Needed Explanation

Now I realise I have not explained myself very well so far so here is an example:

Paying for drinks in a bar is one…

A couple of hot blonds ask you to buy them drinks and you can rush to wallet quick enough – you are so eager to impress these hussies in the hope they will pay you some attention and even want to go home with you later. But it pays to check motives before you act… what do these girls really want? Turns out there are many cunning girls that are happy to play guys (just like guys do girls) and flirt them right out of pocket. You end up with no cash and no women at the end of the night..

Success with women I about understanding what NATURALLY attracts them.. Something that they have no control over – once you have discovered this you wont have to work or try to attract women you just focus on acting a certain proven way.

As I said earlier, a great place to start is NOT ASKING WOMEN “OUT” at all ANYMORE. I mean, not EVER AGAIN.

STOP right now

STOP trying to BUY her ATTENTION…

Instead try this – notice the subtle changes of wording we use that you currently are not.

Rather than asking her out give her a piece of paper or your phone and just say…

Write your email and/or phone number down…

Crazy thing to say right? Most guys would never think of saying something so rude … what if they laugh at you? Women will never laugh at a guy that demands her respect. You have to say it with authority and meaning but once you have that down you can end the conversation with that line and call them up the next day…

So what happens next ?

Sample email:

It was great meeting you last night/yesterday… Let’s catch up tomorrow around 3 for some coffee/tea, we can carry on that topic about your overseas travel I would love to know more about your trip through wales… If 3 doesn’t suit then we can push it out to 5 but no later. Otherwise it’ll have to be the weekend.

Your name

If you have the nuts turn up at least 5 minutes late and ask why she hadn’t’ ordered for you…

From now on will you promise that you wont be like other guys?
Will you stop buying her gifts and trying to impress her with material things?

Will you start to attract her to you by your actions?

You are no longer nervous or intimidated in the presence of attractive women (there is no need as you are not trying to impress them right?)


Not with silly one liners but with humour that comes naturally to you and with humour that comes from the energy and passion from within.

Developing great communication skills is perhaps the most important attraction skill you will ever learn.. So it would pay to take some classes on effective conversing.

So 3 things to focus on this weekend!